We conduct our own teaching seminars at our Tackle Store in Huntington Beach in the evenings. Each session will be on a particular subject of fishing. Some of the subjects that we regularly cover include:

  • How to read and understand your Fish Finder, so you can catch more Fish.
  • Halibut Fishing
  • Shark Fishing - Makos and Threshers
  • Local Fishing - Bass, Anchoring, and Spots 
  • White Sea Bass
  • Hoop-Netting for Lobster and Crab

We choose the topics to suit the season - for example, we have seminars on White Sea Bass during the spring White Sea Bass time.

Please see our On-line Webstore to sign up for upcoming Seminars. Or check Upcoming Events below on this page. Or call us at 714-893-7743 to inquire.